Wednesday, June 26, 2013

3 ways to make doctor visits easier

Doctor visits can be hard pills to swallow for caregivers and seniors. These three tips can make it easier:

Time the visit just right. Generally, midmorning between 9:30 and 10:30 is the best period for a senior to see a physician. This gives time for the caregiver to help the patient get ready and find any paperwork or insurance documents. In addition, the earlier time will allow routine lunch and nap times to remain undisturbed.

Think ahead about transportation. Doctors’ offices normally have wheelchairs nearby for those who need extra assistance. Usually, drivers can pull up to the door and get the patient inside before parking. It’s best to consult your medical provider before the visit to see what they can offer. Organizations such as Tarc3 Paratransit Service offer handicap-accessible transportation between home and the doctor for those confined to a wheelchair or who are unable to travel by car.

Taking notes at the appointment can be helpful to make sure the patient has a written record of what transpired. Things to note include weight fluctuations, blood pressure readings, sugar levels, and medication changes.

Read more tips on making doctor visits easier on page 18 of our summer issue.

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