Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Watch out for these 3 summer-related health problems

We are heading into the heart of the summer months, and that can only mean one thing: heat. If you don't know the effects of heat and light on your body and your medications, you might not have much fun in the sun. Watch out for these summer-related health issues:

Dehydration is a big side effect of the sun. The lack of fluids needed to properly maintain your body function could be lethal. It is important to always have adequate fluids on you in case you begin to feel symptoms of dehydration, including light-headedness and rapid heartbeat.

Allergic reactions can also become more prominent in the summer, especially with the use of topical medications on your skin. Allergic reactions could be medically induced or caused by perfumes, cosmetics or even sunscreen. Keep in mind that reactions are often immediate, so consult your doctor if you are noticing any problems.

Overheating is a common effect of the sun. Some medications can even alter the body’s response to heat. Be prepared and if you begin feeling overheated, go inside. Also, wear appropriate clothing for the warm climate.

Read more about summer-related health issues and how to prevent them in our summer issue of Today's Transitions (page 40).

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