Thursday, August 22, 2013

6 ways to dress beautifully for your age

Photo: Melissa Donald

Fashion consultant Chris Fulkerson of VIP Studio shows you how to bring your personal style to life without sacrificing sophistication.

Models: Lisa Workman, 63, and Harold Workman, 65
  1. A jacket that has one large button instead of many smaller buttons is easier to fasten if you have arthritis or joint pain.
  2. Always choose color. “Pink, orange, or green are playful, lighthearted colors that make you look and feel younger,” Chris says.
  3. Three-quarter length sleeves make you look taller and slimmer.
  4. Harold, who is newly retired, wore business attire every day and likes the idea of incorporating dressier jackets into his wardrobe. This jacket also can be worn with jeans.
  5. Boot cut pants make your hips look smaller.
  6. Try cowboy boots. Their low heel makes them more comfortable, and they’re stylish.

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