Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Why owning a pet is good for you

You might want to think about bringing home a furry friend for Christmas! Did you know that caring for a pet can be good for your health? A study at the Minnesota Stroke Institute indicated that...

...owning a cat can decrease the likelihood of a person dying from heart disease by up to 30 percent. Pets provide constant companionship and help decrease feelings of loneliness and depression. Plus, taking your pooch pal for a walk is a great exercise opportunity.

As co-founder of local animal rescue organization No Kill Louisville, Jessica Denson has seen the positive effects of animal ownership firsthand.

“Last year, we [at No Kill Louisville] helped a senior citizen with food and supplies,” Denson says. “This person took care of a cat colony and talked about them like they were his children. It truly gave him a reason to live and made him happier in life. It is just one example of many. Having a pet to love can be empowering and life-giving and make people feel needed.”

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