Friday, February 28, 2014

Deliciousness at your doorstep

In winter, leaving your home for even necessities such as food can be difficult. Why not have food delivered to your door instead? Here are two different food delivery options to consider not only this season, but all year round as well.

Green B.E.A.N. Delivery
This popular delivery service offers in-season fruits and vegetables and natural groceries from mainly local, organic, and sustainable farmers and food artisans. The majority of their produce is from Ohio and Kentucky. Green B.E.A.N bins come in several different sizes. A small bin plus groceries is a great choice for a household of one or two people. Customize the grocery portion of your order with local items such as Lotsa Pasta products, Nancy’s Bagels, Red Hot Roasters coffee, and sustainable meats from Fox Hollow and Ashbourne Farms. Prepackaged meals for just one are also available from companies such as Amy’s Kitchen.

Find more information at or give them a call at 502.587.8998.

A family favorite and still going strong to this day, Schwan’s provides high-quality frozen food and meal options to keep menu planning simple and dishes easy to prepare. There are more than 350 food items to choose from, all flash-frozen to preserve quality, taste, and freshness. Many items are microwavable, which is quick and easy. Choose from their 1-4 Meal category. This offers an array of dishes that serve a smaller household.

Signing up for service is simple. Call 1.888.724.9267, go to, or download their app and use your smartphone to place your orders. There are several different delivery options to choose from. Biweekly home deliveries are the most popular service.

Read more about these delivery options in our winter issue of Today's Transitions.

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