Thursday, March 27, 2014

They're Moving and Grooving!

Avid Cardinal fans Elmo and Martha Martin stay active through volunteering, exercising, and dancing.
Photo by Patti Hartog

Staying active and healthy comes easily for square dancers Elmo and Martha Martin, both 85. The couple exercise at the YMCA every day except Sunday. In addition, they are active in church, attend almost all U of L men’s and women’s basketball games, and donate time to the community.

Both Martins are retired from careers in education, and now Elmo volunteers at Middletown Elementary School, helping kids master math problems. “Often we’ll see kids when we’re out at a restaurant and they’ll say—there’s the math man!” Martha says.

Martha volunteered at Ronald McDonald House for 29 years. She now visits the family room at a local hospital.

You’d think their schedule would be too full for dancing, but they’ve been square dancing weekly for 50 years. Martha says that tradition has been good for them in a variety of ways: “Not only do you get exercise, but you have to remember the calls.” Turns out, dancing strengthens your mind as well as your body. So get out those boogie shoes…

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