Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Downsized kitchen? Three tools you should keep

When people consider downsizing, kitchen appliances go quickly as people realize they are not cooking for larger families and are looking to spend less time in the kitchen. You don’t need a lot of tools to keep you eating fresh and healthy. Here are some tools and tips to make cooking in the kitchen quick and easy, even after most large appliances no longer sit on the kitchen counter.

An immersion blender, a common handheld can opener, and my two favorite knives are some of my most useful tools.

Immersion Blender
I use my immersion blender often and rarely use my blender or handheld mixer anymore. This tool is fast, easy to clean, and takes up little space. Mine is an older model that still works perfectly. New ones cost around $40, and some even have different attachments. I use my immersion blender to whip eggs and heavy cream, but it’s most commonly used in my house for blending soups and sauces.

Sharp Knives
The two knives I use most in my kitchen are the two shown above. Both are professional-grade knives with weighted handles for a good grip and nice weight for chopping. One of the most important things to realize about knives is how to keep them sharp. The safest knife to work with is an extremely sharp one. It’s nicer on the food you are working with as well and helps keep the integrity of the flavor. Dull knives are more dangerous to use because a dull knife slips easily and can cause injury. Two local places that will sharpen your knives are William-Sonoma in the Mall St. Matthews and Heimerdinger Cutlery Company, Inc., 4207 Shelbyville Road. Both recommend sharpening your knives about twice a year.

Handheld Can Opener
Here’s a handy tip for opening jar lids that seem impossible to loosen. A common handheld can opener with a small hook along the bottom side is extremely handy. Rather than running a lid under hot water or banging the side with a spoon or on a counter, simply place that small hook under the lip of the lid of the jar and pull upward. This easily breaks the seal of the lid, which makes it much easier and quicker to open.

Click here for an easy recipe you can make with these tools.

– Melissa Donald

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