Wednesday, June 11, 2014

3 Hangout Spots for Summer

Today's Transitions Now

By Marie Bradby

Summer can be a more active time for all ages. When you're itching to get out and about or try something new, you might sometimes lack imagination of what to do around town. Here are some Louisville locals' favorite hangout spots.

Certified yoga therapist and instructor who specializes in mindfulness and meditation.

Hangout #1: “I love spending time with family in my outdoor family room.” It has a kitchen, fireplace, and TV, and overlooks a luscious garden of greenery and flowers that her husband keeps.
What she does there: “I have what I think is a beautiful backyard, where I sit when the weather is nice to be with my mom, husband, daughters, and people who drop by. I could sit there all day.”
Why this works: “It’s so relaxing — it’s like a park to me.”

Hangout #2: Dinner with girlfriends at Volare. “That’s my favorite thing to do to re-energize.”
Why this works: “If there is anything that is preying on my mind and my heart, I can go out and laugh and enjoy their company in a lively atmosphere, in a local restaurant. It’s a fun place to be. I relax, unburden, have a good time.”


Her Hangout: “Where I go to rejuvenate is Baptist East/Milestone Wellness Center.”
What she does there: “I can do yoga, I can swim, I exercise. I had a facial over there. It’s one of my favorite places. I go there three times a week in the morning to start my day. I’ve been a member since 2001.”
What’s the attraction: “I go for the relaxation, yes, but also to invigorate myself. I need to push myself, but once I’m there I don’t want to leave. It makes me feel so good—for health reasons, for mental reasons. To improve myself.”
Why this works: “It makes me feel happier after I exercise. They say exercise makes your endorphins flow. Afterward, I’m ready take on other stuff.”

Retired school principal and school district administrator

Her Hangout: “I hang out at home. We have this little room on the back, a sun room. When I’m out there, I could be in Florida.”
What draws her to this room: “It has a lot of light. It’s got light wood floors, light walls, white wicker furniture, windows from one end to the other. The colors are all blues and greens. It’s so pretty.”
Why it works: “When I’m in there, I’m so happy. I’m looking at the trees and sky. You can’t beat Louisville in the spring.”
What she does there: “I like to read in there. I read anything from the Miss Julia series by Ann B. Ross, to Walter Mosley, to historical fiction. Our book club just finished reading Devil in the Grove. I just finished reading J.K. Rowlings’ new novel, Casual Vacancy. It’s really interesting, so different from her Harry Potter stuff. I love Alexander McCall Smith. I’m waiting for his next book in the 44 Scotland series.”

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