Thursday, October 16, 2014

Outdoor walking gear you need for fall

When you want to exercise outside in the changing fall weather, it can be difficult to determine how to suit up so you’re not too hot or cold. Andy Fenton, operator at Fleet Feet Sports, 2239 Taylorsville Road, gives some tips on colder-weather workout gear and how to find the perfect walking shoe.

Fenton advises walkers and runners to implement the “20 degree rule” when getting dressed. After a few minutes of exercise, your heart rate increases and your body temperature rises; so, if it is 50 degrees outside, you should dress as if it is 70 degrees.

Your cold-weather exercise outfit should consist of a well-fitting base layer (a moisture-wicking T-shirt); a thin jacket; and then, depending on conditions, weather-wear such as a rain- and wind-resistant coat to top things off.

Fenton has one major tip for people looking to walk for exercise: “Invest in a shoe actually made for exercise, even if it is branded as a running shoe.” Here are three benefits in doing so:

  • Breathability: A traditional walking shoe that is simply made for wandering the office is often made of leather, which retains sweat, heat, and moisture. This can lead to foot discomfort and encourage bacterial and fungal infections. Ensure that you purchase a breathable running shoe to prevent these issues.
  • Style: According to Fenton, “styles have shifted this year toward neutrals with pops of bright color.”
  • Support: To make walking comfortable, a shoe that provides optimal support is necessary. By having your foot properly measured at a specialty running store, you can determine the best fit for your exercise goals.

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