Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Choose the right eyeglasses for your face shape

For Gladys Barclay’s round face shape, Brian Neff of Gaddie Eye Centers suggested angular frames with a softer edge.

Have you ever struggled to find eyewear frames that just look right? We talked to three local eyewear experts to find out what types of frames complement different face shapes.

Gladys Barclay (above)
Face Shape: Round
What worked: When helping patients choose frames, Brian Neff, optician and office manager at Gaddie Eye Centers, considers which types of colors will work best for them, then he focuses on their face shape. For Gladys, he chose angular frames with a softer edge to compliment her features. Cat-eye frames, he says, are ideal for her because they accentuate the brows and lift her facial features. Frames that extend straight across the top, Brian says, are not as flattering if they sit low on the face because they can give the illusion of a unibrow.

Gladys is wearing: Tiffany & Co. $319 available at Gaddie Eye Centers, 7635 Shelbyville Road, 502.423.8500

Near any style of frames can look good on oval-shaped faces like Robin Ritter’s.

Robin Ritter
Face shape: Oval
What worked: People who have oval faces can wear any style of frames, says Chris Franklin, optician at U of L Physicians — Eye Specialists. These frames, he says, were a good choice for Robin because of their rectangular design and soft corners, which were perfect for her small face. When choosing frames for his patients, Chris says fit is another important part of their overall appearance. “You want to make sure there is enough clearance between the head and the temple,” he says. Frames that are too narrow will cause indentations on the person’s temples.

Robin is wearing: Kate Spade, $229 available at U of L Physicians — Eye Specialists, 301 E. Muhammad Ali Blvd.

Rounder frames complement Nancy Morris’ square-shaped face.

Nancy Morris
Face Shape: Square
What worked: Mary Chandler, director of retail sales at Korrect Optical, chose frames for Nancy that had earpieces mounted toward the top of the lens shape to soften the squareness of her face. The frames have a slight curve over the bridge that compliments her brow lines, Mary says. Mary also suggests that people with square faces not choose frames with a rectangular or square shape. “It boxes in their face. A little bit of curve on the frames makes a difference.”

Nancy is wearing: Versace $225; available at Korrect Optical, 4036 Dutchmans Lane 502.895.2020

– Tiffany White / Photos by Melissa Donald

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