Thursday, February 5, 2015

Set a Lovely Table

Kathie Hodge uses her wedding china and Waterford crystal glassware. 
Kathie Hodge believes a table that is set properly is a compliment to your guests. Find out how she does it.

Kathie Hodge looks forward to spending time preparing for the dinner club gathering she has with friends every other month. When the club meets at her home, Kathie doesn't leave any details to chance -- especially the dinner table. She shares a few tips on how to create a dinner table setting that is eye-catching.

  • The height of your centerpiece matters - “Always choose a centerpiece that sits on the table. You never want it to be too tall, because it disturbs conversation and eye contact among your guests.” 

  • Mirrors are great accents - “Place a mirror underneath your centerpiece to increase the dimensions and dynamics of the arrangement.” 

  • Unpredictability works best - “Always use an odd number of candles and flowers when creating a centerpiece.” She adds, “Don’t be afraid to use different pieces of china for your place settings. It can have a very interesting look.” You also can use your table setting skills for family gatherings. For her granddaughter’s birthday, Kathie used baby dolls and flowers as the centerpiece. 

  • Don’t disregard tablecloth length - “The tablecloth should drop 12 inches on all sides. This helps with the appearance and balance of the table.”

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