Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Buy local groceries without leaving your house with this service

If grocery shopping is a difficult task for you or a loved one, then this service can make things easier. ValuMarket is the only local grocery store that offers the convenience of purchasing groceries online and having them delivered right to your front door.

For a $12.95 picking/delivery fee, customers who live within three miles of the store can select produce, dairy items, meat, frozen foods, deli and bakery items, and household goods and have them dropped off. Every additional mile beyond three miles incurs an additional $1 charge.

You can also order online and then pick up your items at the curb outside the store for a $5.95 charge for the personal shopping service. (As a special incentive to try the service, ValuMarket waives the $5.95 picking fee for first-time customers.) The delivery schedule varies depending on store location. For example, ValuMarket at Mid City Mall delivers Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays between 1:30 and 6:30pm.

Ordering online is simple at valumarket.com/order-online/. Simply select your closest store location and create an account; however, anyone wishing to just browse can do so without an account. When shopping, you can write special instructions in a notes section, such as if you want your pork chops cut to a certain thickness. Sale items are boldly noted so you are sure to get the best deals. There is even a “Can’t Find It” section where a customer can describe what she needs; ValuMarket’s personal shoppers will do their best to locate it.

ValuMarket sells its own brand of frozen food meals, such as this comforting turkey and veggies meal.

ValuMarket is working to adopt the Square system of credit card processing, but at this time, customers can pay by check, cash, food stamps, or credit card when the delivery arrives or when they pick up from the store. Personal shoppers call customers prior to delivery/pickup to verify the order total. Customers who don’t have computers but want to try the service may call their nearest ValuMarket store to place orders by phone.

Read more about food delivery options in our winter issue.

– Carrie Vitittoe

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