Thursday, April 2, 2015

Caregivers: Three tips to care for yourself

Stay well-rested by following Ray and Debbie’s first tip.

Ray and Debbie Dunn met at a Floyd Memorial support group when Ray was caring for his first wife and Debbie was caring for her mother. They share three tips on how caregivers can care for themselves while also caring for a loved one.
  • Make sure to sleep when the one you are caring for naps. This helps you stay well-rested. 
  • Keep a sense of humor. “When my first wife could no longer walk, I would pull her around on a quilt,” Ray says. “If she needed to go to the restroom, I would ask her if she wanted the scenic route through the living room or the fast way through the kitchen. It is always important to inject humor.” 
  • Remember that even if no one calls you, you call someone. Sometimes it helps to talk about anything to take your mind off the situation.

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