Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Ask the Dentist: 3 answers to your questions

Dr. Anna C. Perry, DMD, of Advanced Dental Care, 300 Middletown Park Place, has the answers to your dental questions.

How often should I change my toothbrush?
Every three months.

What do the complications of aging do to the mouth?

Our body is a great machine at repairing when we’re young. Sometime in our 30s it starts to slow down because our cells don’t multiply as fast. At that point, without proper dental hygiene, we can start seeing a breakdown of oral tissues such as periodontal disease.

Many of us are on medications, which may cause dry mouth. It’s one of our more common complications of increased decay since teeth are not getting rinsed frequently by saliva.

Chemotherapy can cause complications such as severe sores and inflammation.
Lack of coordination because of arthritis, MS, and other disease processes may prohibit us from proper brushing and flossing.

What’s the most important advice in choosing a dentist?
I’m a senior citizen at age 71 and have crowns and bridges. My advice is to go to a dentist who is a good listener, with the experience and the training to fit your needs. Don’t settle for just good bedside manner or great training. You deserve both. If you are a senior citizen, seek a dentist who enjoys working with seniors. Never hesitate to get a second opinion. If you’re working with someone who is competent, they will be comfortable with this.

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