Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Have you tried Pinterest?

A screenshot showing a search for “gardening” on Pinterest.

Social media might be intimidating for some seniors to try, but studies have shown it can strengthen cognitive health in seniors and can lower blood pressure in those who have frequent positive interactions on it. One social media site, Pinterest, can be especially helpful for seniors who are interested in staying active and finding inspiration for hobbies. Read on to find out the pros and cons of Pinterest.

The beauty:
A world of visually inspiring and easy-to-access ideas for DIY projects, art, gardening, decor and design, hairstyles and fashion, recipes and cocktails — really anything aesthetic you want to create or change can be found on Pinterest. Create a “board” (think “folder”) and “pin” (think “clip”) any pictures or links you like to save them. For example, you could search for “fashion at 60” to find style ideas. Click, related images appear, and voila — inspiring pictures of beautiful things!

The beast:
It can be addicting and may lead to excessive shopping, redecorating, and cooking. Feelings of inadequacy may arise (Why does my kitchen/chili/vegetable garden never look like that?).The primary audience is 45 and younger, so you will have to use specific search keywords to eliminate the hipster, 20-something style from your feed. Once you have “pinned” enough items, your feed begins to suggest related images.

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– Megan M. Seckman

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