Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Have you tried texting or video chatting your loved ones?

By Megan M. Seckman

Jill Maurey believes staying up to date with technology will help seniors stay in touch with younger family members in this fast-paced world. And while navigating your new iPad may seem daunting, she can help with that and other technological black holes you might encounter in our digital age. Since 2012, when she founded Generations Tech, Maurey has been teaching the 50-plus demographic how to use the newfangled electronic devices that seem to hit the market daily.

She shares how two modern forms of communication can help you connect with your loved ones, especially your younger family members.

Text messaging
Texting is the most crucial way to connect to your younger family members, Maurey says. It’s quick and convenient, and family members can respond to you throughout the day without having to completely stop life to touch base. “Texting is not just for teenagers,” Maurey says. “It is unfortunately underutilized by seniors, but it’s the main form of communication today. Deciding not to text means you may be missing out on a great opportunity for frequent communication with those you love.”

Video chatting
  • Facetime is already installed on most Apple devices and enables users to video chat over long distance. You can catch up, face-to-face, with your grandchild in Michigan without leaving the living room.
  • Skype is a video-chatting service compatible with all mobile devices and is a great way to make inexpensive phone calls from your computer to, say, your daughter overseas. Download the app on mobile devices or go to Skype.com.

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