Tuesday, June 7, 2016

One Hairy Problem, 2 Great Solutions

By Yelena Sapin

One problem that arises when our bodies don’t work the way they used to is with ear and nose hair. Men often wish they had more hair. Nature gives them what they want as they get older, but not quite where they want it.

Once they hit middle age, men tend to find unsightly hair sprouting on and in the ears, says Dana Barker, manager of the U.S. Highway 42 location of Fritz Salon & Spa for Men. Nose hair, which can make an appearance at any age, is less discriminating and can poke out from women’s nostrils just as often as from men’s. No matter where it strikes, however, there are some simple ways to tame the hairy beast.

Solution 1: DIY Methods

Armed with good lightening, a magnifying mirror and maybe a willing partner who can see into places you can’t, you can safely groom your ears and nostrils with one of many personal ear and nose hair trimmers available across the market. For better access and visibility into the nostrils, tilt your head up and push up on the tip of your nose. Stubborn strays can be handled with tweezers but plucking will definitely bring tears to your eyes, Barker warns. Just stay away from scissors, since it's easy to nick sensitive areas.

Solution 2: Salon Services
The most effective way to remove unwelcome ear and nose hair is with a professional wax. It only takes an extra 10 minutes during your salon visit, and the results last several weeks, Barker says. Waxing the outside of the ears is accomplished the same way as waxing eyebrows; a waxing stick tipped with a special hard wax is used for getting in the nostrils and around the ear canal. The process removes the hair all in one move and isn't nearly as painful as tweezing the hairs one by one.

What do you do to help keep those unwanted hairs away? Comment or tell us how! 

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