Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Make the Right Call

By Megan Seckman

Just the thought of choosing a new (or perhaps your first) cell phone can be overwhelming. The options are seemingly endless these days, and each new device claims to outdo the former with features that can do just about everything for you besides breathe. If you are frustrated with the plethora of choices and just need a simple phone option...

there are simple cell phone options on the market created for seniors' specific needs.

Option 1: Doro PhoneEasy 626 by Consumer Cellular 
Consumer Cellular is a partner of AARP, so the company creates cell phones and no contract cellular plans with seniors in mind. They are a partner of AT&T network and the phone sells for around $50. 

Mentionable Features: 
-Big, easy-to-read raised buttons with large print
-Hearing aid compatible, high volume speakerphone
-Large display screen
-Emergency help button alerts your chosen contacts
-GPS and video recording

Option 2: The Jitterbug by Greatcall 
Another great flip-phone option for calls and texts only. Plans start at $14.99 a month, the device itself is $99, with a setup fee of $35 that takes care of all the frustrating legwork of setting up your phone, features, and contacts. The company also offers a smartphone option capable of sending emails and surfing the web.

Mentionable Features: 
- Large keys and high contrast screen
- Voice dialing
- Yes/No menu instead of confusing icons
- Amplified speaker and hearing aid compatibility
- Flashlight and magnifier
- Built in operator feature when you dial “0”
- “Caregiver” feature allows family caregivers to log on to track senior loved ones

Option 3: The iPhone 6 by Apple 
If you are a bit more tech-savvy and need a smartphone to connect to the internet, check and send emails, word process or text, or take a lot of photos or videos, then the large and sturdy body of the iPhone 6 may be the best option, with varying price options.

Mentionable Features: 
- Large, bright display screen
- Automatic image stabilization allows you to take sharp photos of moving objects
- Apple Pay feature allows you to pay for things using your phone
- Health app helps manage your medication, heart rate and other vitals
- Siri voice control

Know of any other cell phone options you feel best accommodate your needs? Tell us what works best for you!

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