Tuesday, October 10, 2017

An Easy Way to Lighten Your Mood

By Yelena Sapin

Let go of tension and bring balance into your life by making this simple change.

Problem: Irritability and emotional imbalance
When women reach a certain age our hormone levels begin to sputter and drop off. The years leading up to menopause, and sometimes beyond, can be accompanied by a variety of symptoms including mood swings. Hormones alone cannot be blamed for irritability, however. “There are so many things that go into it, that to say it’s totally based on hormones is not looking at the whole picture,” says Dr. Nancy Newman, gynecologist with Associates in Obstetrics & Gynecology. A holistic approach to finding emotional balance during this time of transition yields better results, Newman says.

Solution: Improve Your Sleep
Hot flashes and night sweats are known to disrupt sleep, and lack of sleep is known to affect mood. Hormone replacement is the most effective therapy for hot flashes and night sweats, says Newman, but your doctor might suggest other remedies based on your medical and family history. While you’re at it, ask your doctor if you’re at risk for sleep apnea, a condition that causes people to wake up several times throughout the night, and get treatment if you have it.

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