Thursday, December 28, 2017

Watch Your Step

By Mark Kaelin
“Falls are the result of a combination of environmental factors like a wet floor or poor lighting and intrinsic factors like changes in vision and decreases in strength and balance as we age,” says Beth Quinn, physical therapist and assistant professor at Bellarmine University. “The good thing is that falls are preventable,” adds Patty Gillette, physical therapist and professor emeritus at Bellarmine University. “Scheduling a yearly vision exam, reviewing your medications with your primary care physician every six to 12 months to discuss any unwanted side effects, regularly exercising, and performing a home safety assessment are four ways older adults can dramatically reduce their risk of falling,” Gillette says. Assessment forms are available at the Centers for Disease Control and National Council on Aging’s websites.

Assess your balance here and go here if you want to find exercises that will help you improve your balance.

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