Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Is It Time to Update Your Wardrobe?

By Tiffany White 

For some, parting with a beloved outfit can be difficult — even if the clothing is no longer fashionable or fits improperly. If you’re suffering from fashion blindness, Chris Fulkerson, stylist and owner of VIP Studio - Visual Impact & Presence, will open your eyes to a way of reinvigorating your wardrobe.

The Don't

Jacket - “It would be a lovely jacket if she got rid of the shoulder pads. Also, the jacket is too tight.”

Embellishments on jacket - Chris says pearls on clothing gain and lose relevance in fashion, but believes the embellishment on this jacket doesn’t make it a timeless piece.

Culotte pants - “These pants are dated and way too short for someone who is almost 60 to be wearing. When you reach the 55 and older range, let it be a mystery. You don’t have to show it all.”

The Do

Top - “When you wear a classic, timeless top, you can’t go wrong and you can add pearl jewelry for elegance.”

Striped trench lightweight jacket - “You can mix a print top with this stripe or mix stripes with stripes. But whatever a woman puts together, she needs to feel comfortable in it. If she questions the mix, she is going to carry it with her throughout the day.”

Pants - “A classic trouser in navy is an awesome basic to wear in place in black.”

Cheryl Franck is wearing clothing from Cabi. For more information on the clothing, contact Chris Fulkerson herePhotos by Melissa Donald 

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