Tuesday, April 3, 2018

What We Love about Their Style

Story and photos by Brigid Morrissey

Find some inspiration for pulling together an authentic style that works for you.

Don Watson
The look: I dress in what feels right to me. I look for something that’s a little bit different but not over-the-top crazy. I look for a combination of color and pattern. Any blend of blue and green is my favorite.” When he shops: I don’t shop often, but when I do, it’s hard to stop. I buy one, and I flip a switch and start buying a lot more. Shopping spots: Von Maur, Dillards, and Macy’s.

Claude Stephen
The look: I grow a beard every year. I only wear a beard during the winter. But last year I changed that. Normally I’ll grow it from November to the beginning of spring, but I just decided to hang on to it for the full year to see how it might grow out. I felt better carrying a white beard than a partially white beard. Grooming method: I just wash it and run my hands through it, comb my beard and go. The attraction: Darwin and other early biologists used to have beards. They didn’t inspire me necessarily, but I’ve always enjoyed the images.

Buz Unclebach
The look: I go with comfort. Sometimes looks, but more comfort. I like easy going sweats or pullovers. Summer is my favorite season to dress for because I can throw on anything easy and be comfortable. A pair of shorts can go with just about anything. Style inspiration: I get my style from newspapers or magazines. Special choices: In the winter I love to layer. In the summer I’m a T-shirt and shorts guy.

Betty Rinker
The look: I get most of my clothes from vintage stores. I like the older styles better than the newer ones. The older styles all differed, not everything looked the same. Styling process: I just buy what I like and throw things together. I like turquoise and silver and Native American jewelry. When I go out West I look for things like that. What works (and doesn’t): I like things that are different. I don’t like designer names. If I’m going to advertise somebody’s stuff, I should get paid for it. Nowadays all the girls wear the jeans with holes in them. My grandkids do that too, but in my generation, we would throw them out rather than pay money for them.

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