Thursday, March 28, 2019

Four Tips for Gaining Tech Confidence

By Megan Seckman

If tweets and streaming and airdrops sound like essential vocabulary for hikers, you may be on the wrong side of the technology mountain. With the rapid paces in which technology advances these days, the reluctance to climb your way out of the bygone valley is understandable. Change is hard, but being left behind is a worse scenario by far. If you or a loved one are finally ready to tackle the basics of technology, never fear. There is a convenient and non-threatening place to learn the basics right here in Louisville: at your local public library. Seth Cohen leads several LFPL technology classes and says many seniors take advantage of the services the library provides.

Here are four tech lessons you can learn from the Louisville Free Public Library:

  1. Patrons can schedule a one-on-one tech basics session with a library staff member to set-up an email account or social media page. Library staff will help facilitate technological independence and troubleshoot basic issues.
  2. Each branch also offers a variety of group classes that cover anything from setting up an email account to Excel classes. “The classes are geared toward beginners, many of whom are seniors,” Seth explains, and the instructor can take the time needed to get the amateur started.
  3. In addition, Seth notes that the library can also help seniors get set up with an ebook or e-reader. Library staff can help seniors start an account and manage their own digital texts on their readers, which can enlarge and brighten the print for easier viewing.
  4. For patrons who master basic technology skills and want to go a step further? The library also offers technology classes for workforce training and side jobs such as spreadsheets and tutorials on Adobe Photoshop.

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