Tuesday, April 9, 2019

The New Age of Fitness: Norah Kute

By Tiffany White

They’re strong, fast, energetic — and over age 50. The rules of the game have changed: sports competitions aren’t exclusive to young people. If you want to compete, all you need is grit and determination. Norah Kute is a Kentucky Senior Games competitor who proves that you can break records at any age.

She’s Making Waves

Norah Kute
Early Childhood Diagnostician, Jefferson County Public Schools
Age 62

Norah Kute participated in the National Senior Games held in California while visiting her sister who lives in the area.

Norah, who was 50, became interested in the prospect of competitive swimming and registered to compete in the event along with three of her siblings. Twelve years later, she has kept the momentum going with her participation as a swim competitor in the Kentucky Senior Games and has won three medals in the 2017 National Senior Games.

Norah practices with her masters swim team two to three days a week at the Lakeside Swim Club for an hour and 15 minutes and says the coaching keeps her disciplined. Norah says her motivation comes from knowing that she must set goals for herself, and she likes the camaraderie that develops between her and the other competitors. “It makes you set a goal, and I don’t expect my times to improve, but I like for them to stay kind of close. It’s a measure of your progress over time, and it is great fun to meet the other swimmers that come from across the state and then from all over when you go to the nationals. There are some great role models for teaching you how to stay active as you become older.”

Extra tidbit: Fitness saved his life. 

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