Thursday, April 23, 2015

Why you should try using a tablet

“Studies show that people who keep in touch, keep their brains active, and keep their bodies moving are more likely to live longer, happier lives,” says Shawn Apostel, an IT professional and assistant professor at Bellarmine University. “Since many senior citizens are retired and don’t have the daily routine that comes with working a traditional job, I’d recommend using technology as a way to stay connected and stay mentally and physically fit.”

One modern device you might want to consider investing in is the tablet. Apostel and Matthew Coddington, a mobile applications consultant at Humana, help you determine which tablet might be right for you and the best apps to use on it.

Are you an avid reader? A Kindle may be the thing for you. “[It’s] lighter than a paperback and fits in your pocket,” Coddington says. “And it comes with a battery that lasts for weeks, not hours, and an enormous selection of books and titles.” Prices start at $79 and run to $199, making it a good investment if you enjoy your reading time. (Kindle Paperwhite model shown above.)

For tablets with more features, Apostel recommends Apple products. “Their devices are popular and therefore easy to get help with if needed,” he says. “The Apple Store offers free classes and help by appointment — an excellent resource for someone who is new to this type of technology.” Try the iPad or iPad mini ($299-$699) for a device that allows you to read, take photos, listen to music, play games, connect to the Internet, and watch videos.

Press photos used from Amazon and Apple.

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