Tuesday, February 9, 2016

5 ideas to entertain your loved one today

When you’re caring for an aging loved one, it can be hard to come up with engaging activities that will both benefit your loved one and help pass the time. Our Caregiver Circle panel shares five easy ideas you can try at home today.

Invite a visitor over. “Visitors are the BEST entertainment for homebound elderly folks. However, my mom had dementia (probably Alzheimer’s), and the visitor would need to carry the bulk of the conversation.” – Cheryl Basham

Enjoy a book or newspaper. 
  • “Audio books or reading to your loved one is nice way to share time together.” – Lucy Martin
  • “My dad liked talking about ‘the old days’ when looking at books or photos. Caregivers helped my mom work the daily word jumble in the newspaper by using letter tiles to form the words.” – Cheryl Basham 

Take a leisurely drive. “Both my parents enjoyed rides in the country when they felt good.” – Cheryl Basham

Play a game or do a puzzle.
  • “My parents also enjoyed playing familiar card games with caregivers and visitors.” – Cheryl Basham
  • “Help them do a puzzle.” – Carol Cockerel

Do an easy household task together.
“I find small, safe tasks that my loved one can do during the day. Sometimes it may be as simple as folding laundry, but it makes them feel useful and like they are contributing.” – Lucy Martin

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