Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to de-clutter your home

By Amanda Beam

More and more in today’s world, seniors are deciding to make do with less. Circumstances force some to part ways with their beloved belongings. Others may crave a simpler lifestyle, one without the hassle of an untidy home.

In either situation, sorting through papers, mementos and household goods can be stressful mentally as well as physically.

Through their business Staging Your Next Move, co-founders Lynn Medeiros and Kathi Jaggers want to help reduce this anxiety by decluttering both homes and lives.

“It makes your life simpler,” Lynn says. “We’re always bringing things into our houses, but try and think about how much goes out of the house. No matter what age you are, we should all be looking at our items and trying to discard them.”

Lynn and Kathi suggest starting small. Go through a drawer of that dresser in the spare room of your basement. Begin sorting through just one of the old boxes stored from your last move.

“Some people say they can’t do it because it’s too overwhelming and they can’t get started,” Kathi says. “Take baby steps and do just a little bit.”

“And once they do it once, you know what? They want to do some more,” Lynn adds. “Usually, it lights a fire, and they just go on. It’s great.”

Once you get started, what happens if you can’t decide what you should and should not part with?

First and foremost, the partners recommend that you ask yourself if the item in question brings you joy. Also, do you truly need it? If not, then why should it take up valuable space in your home?

When all is said and done, those who have downsized report positive feedback.

“When you get too much stuff around you, it really weighs you down,” Kathi says. “And so, it takes a lot of energy to just walk into those rooms where you have packed things away. Once we get through those rooms, you can just see the clients’ shoulders rise, and their smiles, and they’re just amazed.”

Read the full article and learn about what you should do once you’ve gone through your things on page 10.

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