Thursday, June 30, 2016

4 Tips for Caregivers

By Torie Temple

Check out this week's tips and activity ideas for caregivers and their loved ones...

Safe and Sound 
Cheryl Hepp Basham, retired JCPS project manager for the computer education department, created a way to keep her mother safe that was right on pitch. “Since my mom was at high risk for falls,” Cheryl says, “I attached small wind chimes to her walker. If she tried to move the walker when no one was present, someone could still hear her attempting to move.”

Summer Fun
There is nothing like fresh veggies picked from your own garden, and planting those delicious treats could be the perfect summer activity with your loved one. Elizabeth Knight, clinical manager of clients and families at Caring Excellence in Louisville, highly recommends gardening as a great summer activity. “It provides physical activity, the opportunity to work together in a pleasant environment, and the reward of seeing the fruits of your labor,” she says.

On The Go
Lucy Martin, IT manager at UPS, keeps a lightweight, fold-up wheelchair for summer outings with her loved one. The wheelchair keeps Lucy’s loved one from wandering, and she loves the fast ride. 

Exercise Routine
“We have a series of strength and range of motion exercises that we got from physical therapy,” says Nancy Dimmock, caregiver with Right at Home. “We do at least 20 reps each day sitting in a straight chair either after a shower in the morning or after lunch in the afternoon.”

Have any tips or activity ideas for caregivers? Comment and let us know!

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