Sunday, November 26, 2017

Innovative Support Services Winner: Masonic Homes of Kentucky with Senior Care Experts

(l-r) Cathy Zion, Tiffany White, Linda Wagner, Courtney Dale, Cynthia Oaks, Dominique Toney, Lori Wright, Kevin Thompkins, Jasmine Jones, Charlie Webb, Brooke Martin, Dequane Whipple, Brian McWherter. Photo by Aubrey Hillis

Today's Transitions is recognizing local services and communities whose innovative ideas are improving the quality of life for seniors and caregivers. Cathy Zion, publisher of Today's Transitions and Tiffany White, editor, congratulated our winners in-person. Read about one of our four Today's Transitions Innovation Award winners who won in the Innovative Support Services Winner category.

Linda Wagner, dining services director at Masonic Homes of Kentucky with Danielle Herriford of SeniorCare Experts, and Courtney Dale, who works in hospitality services at Masonic Homes of Kentucky. Photo by Melissa Donald 

WINNER: Masonic Homes of Kentucky with Senior Care Experts
Innovation: Meals Program to Homebound
Type: Aging-in-place and support services
Size: 130-150 meals per day

Masonic Homes of Kentucky is working with Senior Care Experts to support its home-delivered meals program for homebound seniors. Prior to their partnership, Senior Care Experts, an organization providing support services to seniors, had been using various food providers for the service, which limited meal options. But partnering with Masonic Homes has broadened its reach. “We are able to accommodate such a large capacity in the kitchen on our Louisville campus, and we are already designing meals specific to residents in the aging population. By Senior Care Experts bringing it into one location, we are able to offer more meal selections,” says Nicole Candler, senior vice president of communications and marketing at Masonic Homes of Kentucky. People can call Senior Care Experts to request meals. All meals are customized based on dietary restrictions and allergies. Masonic Homes has plans of expanding its meals program to Shelbyville and Frankfort.

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