Thursday, April 26, 2018

Get Fit to Fight Parkinson's

By Torie Temple
Staying active while living with Parkinson’s disease is made easier for the participants of the Fight Back With Fitness class. This high-intensity workout helps active adults with PD maintain an independent lifestyle through the use of equipment such as a medicine ball, dumbells, and weights.

“Everything is provided,” says fitness instructor Eric Richardson, “and even though it’s an intense workout, we only do what each person can handle. This type of intense workout can help those with Parkinson’s stave off the disease and help with coordination and balance.”

This free class invites caregivers to join in and is currently looking for new members. Classes are held on Mondays, 6:30pm and Thursdays, 6pm at the Parkinson Support Center located at 315 Townepark Circle, Suite 100. The center is a non-profit that has been dedicated since 1999 to supporting those with PD, allowing them to receive the care and education that is needed.

Space is limited, so those interested in the Fight Back With Fitness class should sign up by contacting Eric Richardson at 502.550.2754 or email

Looking for more classes in your area? Check out the list below.

Move It or Lose It
This Horseshoe Foundation-sponsored class brings yoga, dance, and Pilates together to help those with PD improve their mobility.
When: Mondays, 9:30am
Where: Motion Studio, 3211 Grant Line Rd., New Albany, IN
Cost: Free
To Register: Amy Robinson, 812.207.4434 or

This intensive outpatient exercise program is designed to give individuals with PD improved mobility in daily life.
When: Thursdays, 12-12:45pm.
Where: The outpatient gym at Southern Indiana Rehab, 3104 Blackiston Blvd, New Albany, IN
Cost: $50 for a 12-week session
To Register: Jen Robinson at 812.941.6153

Aqua Class
This class is taught by a licensed physical therapist and is designed to help with posture and strength.
When: Wednesdays, 10am
Where: Home of the Innocents, 1100 E. Market St., Louisville
Cost: $7 per class
To Register: Contact Benjamin Snyder at 502.596.1141 or

Flow With Grace
This is a gentle Vinyasa yoga class that is taught in a comfortable 75-degree studio for optimal movement.
When: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 11am
Where: 502 Power Yoga Studio, 2210 Dundee Rd #203, Louisville, KY
Cost: Membership starting at $42 a month
To Register: 502.208.1012

Photo by Melissa Donald 


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