Thursday, October 4, 2018

Three Places to Go that May Help You Live Longer

By Mark Kaelin

Social isolation increases your risk of Alzheimer’s, hypertension, cognitive decline, coronary artery diseases, and depression. Unfortunately, maintaining social connections as you age is challenging as mobility issues, caregiver responsibilities, changes in driving status, and economic issues can interfere. However, there are programs to help.

• The Four Seasons Senior program at Neighborhood House offers daily lunches, fitness classes, monthly outings, parties, and classes to teach you how to manage health issues like diabetes and heart disease. Contact Janet Cherry at 502.774.2322 or

The Bellarmine University Veritas program offers a variety of classes and discussion groups, field trips, and social groups, such as the mystery book discussion group and the eat and talk group. Contact Linda Bailey at 502.272.8374 or

The YMCA’s Forever Young Program offers exercise classes, trips, and luncheons.

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